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Aztech WB Co. Ltd. Booth :
  • Category Wool Fabrics for luxury fashion and corporate uniform market, Garment design and making up services, Prestige women's casual brand house
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  • Company Introduction Since founded in 1969, Aztech WB has been leading the Korean wool textile business for luxury fashion as well as industrial fabrics including auto textiles, footwear, and multi functional uniforms. In addition, the Company has operated the garment design and commission based production services for fashion brands, also has launched "AVA MOLLY" in 2017, a smart casual brand targeting for prestige women's market.
  • Reason for participation 당사의 럭셔리 패션 마켓, 온라인 마켓, 기능성 유니폼 및 워크웨어 용 개발 소재의 평가 및 신규 바이어 상담
  • Exhibits Features 럭셔리 마켓용 모직물, 캐주얼 마켓용 방모 및 특수모 소재, 유니폼용 소재
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Address99 Hasin Bunyoung-ro, Saha-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea