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Booth No.D12

  • Category Fabric, Dyeing/Finishing
  • Main Item
    • Polyester Stretch Fabric
    • Nylon and Mixed Spandex Woven Fabrics
    • Polyester non-span
  • Minimum Order QTY 100~200Y (surcharge is not included)
  • Company Introduction JS ING CO.,LTD, is a professional manufacturer in Daegu, South Korea since 1995. We have been producing Synthetic Fabrics for Mens and Ladies Golf wear, Outerwear, Causal wear and Uniform wear by Polyester (i.e. 100% Polyester, Mechanical stretch), Nylon and Mixed Spandex Woven Fabrics as well as non-span TM items. Our signature fabric items are Stretch and Functional fabrics with high and unique quality, competitive price. Along with our standard export and excellent after service, we are doing business with European, USA, Japan and Korean Local brands for over 25 years. JS ING is kindly requiring your attention to our future-oriented challenges. We also make sure to customers have a great experience using our products.
  • Reason for participation
  • Exhibits Features 주요 생산품목인 100% Polyester (Poly non-span), Mechanical Stretch (Poly one-way 잠재권축사/고신축), Nylon and Poly one-way, two-way span, N/P Melange 아이템을 사용하여 다양한 후가공 기법 (본딩, 기모, 라미네이팅, 3-Layer 등)을 통해 생산되는 골프웨어, 캐주얼웨어, 스포츠웨어용 원단. 신축성이 우수하며 조직감있는 자켓 점퍼 및 바지감 소재로 적절한 제품을 선보일 예정입니다.
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