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Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation Booth :
  • Category Lyocell Filament Yarn
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    0331-GREENCELL (EN) - A4DM轉曲(定稿).png0331-GREENCELL (EN) - A4DM轉曲(定稿).png
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  • Company Introduction Acelon specializes in offering Nylon, Polyester and P.P. yarns. Having capabilities for POY, FDY, DTY, ATY processes, Acelon is a reliable partner to cooperate with in commodities, functional, eco-friendly yarns and bi-component yarns in textile industry. As an eco-friendly fiber innovator, our subsidiary Acegreen with the attitude of “Nature To Nature”, using advanced technology and environmental protection goals to develop Lyocell filament.
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Address105-4, Changlu Road, Chang Hua 50083, Taiwan