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3Circle (chuckle) Booth :
  • Category Casual wear, Fashion accessories
  • Main Item
    Clothing/Fashion product
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  • Company Introduction Hello, chuckle. chuckle is like kimchi and cheese when taking pictures It is a unique casual fashion brand with colorful colors and trendy designs to mean that people want to smile and be happy. It's a name that you can't forget when you listen to it Simple design and various sizes can be worn by men and women of all ages. The package is a pizza box of Chuckle's own and is designed to give you fun when you receive the package.
  • Reason for participation
  • Exhibits Features 대표적인 제품으로는 chuckle의 로고 로니 맨투맨이 있으며, 일반 쮸리원단과 다른 가공된 원단으로 제작되어, 가볍고 촉감이 부드러운 특징을 가지고 있습니다. 매 시즌 새로운 그래픽을 개발, 디자인하여 심플하면서 포인트 되는 제품을 제작하고 있습니다. 눈웃음(^^)을 체커보드 그래픽으로 표현한 스마일링 체커 티셔츠, 체커 플라워 그래픽 맨투맨을 출시 했습니다. As a representative product There's a logo of Chuckle, Ronnie's sweatshirt, Made of processed fabric different from regular fabric, It is light and soft to the touch. We develop and design new graphics every season We are making a simple and accentuating product. A smiling checker T-shirt that expresses eye smile (^^) graphically on the checkerboard, Checker Flower released graphic sweatshirt.
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Address5F, 22 Majang-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul