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  • Company Introduction Leather is an indispensable element in every aspect of human life. As Aka Deri, we have brought together our complete infrastructure, expert staff and technology integrity, based on this important anecdote. This has been the most important factor that has helped us to produce high-capacity, fast and high-quality production. Raw leather requires a lot of patience and meticulousness when processing. As Aka Deri, we have also specialized in this sensitive subject and proved how fast leathers can be produced meticulously as a result of patience. In this sense, our customers trust our company endlessly for the delivery of the product they ordered. Being the address where speed turns into quality Many companies working with Aka Deri, which has the feature of being in the leather sector, have reached the happiness of experiencing the insolvency in the leather industry. Making success permanent for years is based on trust. In the leather industry, trust is essential besides quality and speed. Aka Deri has fully complied with this principle in its works for years. Our company, which always adds new ones to its success, is aware of how it should maintain this trust by increasing it. In this sense, Aka Deri, which has a deep-rooted and expert infrastructure, will continue to offer healthy and fast solutions to its customers.
  • Reason for participation To showcase our new high-end collections of leather and fur in a professional int’l business-networking platform. We expect to possess unique opportunities to develop int’l brand awareness, generate new leads, and build lucrative business relations & networks with professional int'l business visitors & sectoral buyers of the PIS-2022 fair.
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