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ART TEX Booth :
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  • Company Introduction These days, when the flow of design patterns is changing rapidly, there is a risk of inventory management to print large quantities of only one design. And it's not easy to respond to fast supply and demand. Our digital printing is a system that is suitable for small-volume, multi-species production because the process is shortened compared to the conventional printing method. It could develop new designs by actively identifying trends in fashion-sensitive designs. This activeness enables more proactive response by providing market and customer needs. Production facilities are also eco-friendly. We are confident that we will lead the textile printing market with good design and high-quality digital printing technology.
  • Reason for participation 오랜 시간동안 나염 디지털 프린트 분야에서 일해왔습니다. 2019년 10월 회사를 설립하였으나 저희 회사의 제품을 알릴 기회가 없었습니다. 이번 전시회를 통해 저희 제품을 홍보하고 또한 바이어도 개척 하고자합니다.
  • Exhibits Features 여성 의류,수영복,스포츠웨어,한복 등..
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