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Daelim Starlet Co.,Ltd
  • Category Machinery
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    • Lab. Dyeing Machine
    • Fastness Tester
    • Lab. Finishing Machine
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  • Company Introduction Creating a new future in the 21st century toward the domestic market with high quality Laboratory Machine! Toward the international market with new technology products! Since its establishment in 1997, Daelim Starlet has been developing Textile Dyeing Tester such as CCK(Dispenser), Tenter, IR Dyeing machine, Fastness Tester(Air permeability, Wash color fastness tester, Bursting stength tester, Pilling Tester, Water permeability), etc. is recognized for superior quality with world-class technology from the domestic and oversea market. Based on those foundations, we will be a leader in the textile machinery industry in the 21st century. And, We will become a global company that provides the best value through constant change and innovation. We will keep a promise with customer as the first priority and make an effort in return for your support with quick and friendly B/S, A/S and T/S. Thank you again.
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Address34 Okgucheondong-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea