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For Exhibitors
  • What is the difference between the Raw space Booth and Package Booth?

    (Raw Space)
    The organizer offers booth space only and the exhibitor can construct their own booth.
    Raw space can be requested from a minimum order of 4 booths (36m2).
    *The construction of a raw space booth must be carried out by one of the partner companies authorized by COEX, the exhibition hall organizer, for safety and efficient management.

    (Package Booth)
    The organizer offers a well-equipped booth and the exhibitor only displays items.
    *Included Equipment: Table (1ea) + Chairs (4ea), Information desk (1ea) + Chairs (1ea), Hangers or Shelves (5ea), Pytex flooring, Company sign, Spotlight, Electric outlet

  • When can an exhibitor move-in and display exhibition items in the booths?

    (Raw Space)
    Booth construction and item display available from 08:00 to 20:00, 1-2 days before the exhibition starts.

    (Package Booth)
    Move-in and item display available from 14:00 to 18:00, 1 day before the exhibition starts.

  • When can I move-out exhibition items from my booth?

    You can move out your exhibition items from 17:00 on the last day of the exhibition.
    If you want to move out before 17:00, an exhibit move-out form available in the organizers’ office must be completed and submitted to the COEX office before 17:00.
    Please note that you may be penalized at the booth allocation in next exhibition.

  • How can I prevent theft or loss of exhibition items?

    It is necessary for exhibitors to keep their eyes on their own booths at all times due to the hectic environment of the exhibition hall. All responsibility for lost items or the event of theft is on the exhibitor. Therefore, please pay attention to prevent this problem during the exhibition and move-in/move-out times.

  • When will a booth be cleaned during the exhibition?

    A booth should be cleaned by its own exhibitor due to the possibility of lost items and theft. Garbage accumulated during the exhibition must be disposed by each exhibitor in the disposal area located at the edge of the exhibition hall. The aisles of the exhibition hall will be cleaned by the organizer before and during the exhibition.

  • How can I apply for an Exhibitor Pass?

    The Exhibitor Pass is necessary for entry into the exhibition hall during the exhibition and move-in & move-out days. You can apply for the Exhibitor Pass in MY PAGE on the PIS website 6 weeks before the exhibition starts. You can pick up your Pass at the application desk at entrance “A” from 13:00, 1 day before the exhibition starts.

  • In what order are the booths arranged?

    The organizer allocates the booths based on booth size, number and type of exhibition items and time of application.

  • How can I register images for a directory? And what is the maximum number of images I can post?

    Images can be up-loaded on ‘MY PAGE-Exhibition Request -Directory Book Info’ after logging into the PIS website. There is no limit on the number of images. Please upload high-resolution image files.

  • Are there any restrictions on decorating the interior of the booths?

    Exhibitors may decorate their booths freely but please refer to the manual for specific guidelines.

  • Is there any discount for the participation fee?

    Discounts are available for Early application and Consecutive participation. It can be combined together and the maximum total discount available is 20%.
    * Early application discount (10%) : For exhibitors who submit their application and pay the 30% deposit during the announced early application period
    * Consecutive participation discount (10%) : For exhibitors who have participated in last year’s PIS exhibition

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