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[PIS 2024] Preview in SEOUL, A Glimpse into Textile and Fashion Innovation Technologies...

 Preview in SEOUL, A Glimpse into Textile and Fashion Innovation Technologies...


- PIS to be held at COEX from August 21 (Wed) to 23 (Fri)

- 10% discount for early registration by March 31



The esteemed Korea Federation of Textile Industries, chaired by the distinguished Mr. Choi Byung-oh, is thrilled to herald the convening of the eminent global textile and fashion business platform, "Preview in SEOUL 2024 (PIS)." This illustrious event is slated to unfold from Wednesday, the 21st of August, to Friday, the 23rd of August, spanning an enriching three-day period at the prestigious COEX, within the confines of Halls A and B.


Marking its venerated 25th edition this year, PIS is recognized as a beacon of excellence within the global textile arena, congregating approximately 600 of the nation's premier material firms, accessory producers, textile machinery entities, and fashion technology innovators. The assembly anticipates the esteemed presence of over 13,000 visitors, hailing from both domestic locales and the international stage, thereby fostering an unparalleled confluence of ideas and opportunities.


This year's edition of PIS is committed to charting the prospective trajectory and disseminating pivotal insights of the textile and fashion sector, with a profound emphasis on Sustainability, Convergence, and Collaboration. This thematic focus is designed to steer the industry through the vicissitudes of change and challenge, leveraging sustainable innovation as a pivotal cornerstone.


The exposition is poised to showcase an augmented array of eco-conscious enterprises, spanning recyclers, biodegradable innovators, and bio-based ventures, alongside high-caliber textile companies. These participants are set to unveil their groundbreaking technologies and materials, poised to significantly elevate the industry's future value landscape. This includes the "Premium Zone," a curated assembly of exhibitors from globally renowned showcases like Première Vision and Milano Unica, as well as the "Fashion Tech Zone," which will spotlight entities at the forefront of AI-based commerce, retail technology, 3D design, and deep learning solutions. Together, they aim to sketch a blueprint for a leap into high-value future industries.


In an endeavor to amplify the consultative outcomes for participating companies, the PIS Secretariat is diligently engaging in inviting over 200 bona fide buyers from key regions including Europe, the Americas, and Asia, known for their predilection for Korean materials. This initiative is complemented by strategic invitations in conjunction with global forums, thus broadening the horizons for the discovery and engagement of an expanded cadre of international buyers.


Moreover, an eclectic array of ancillary events, such as the K-Fashion Show, K-Tex Festa (tentatively named), and the Global Forum, are set to unveil an elevated dimension of PIS, enhancing its stature and appeal.


In concurrence, the "2024 Trend Fair," orchestrated under the aegis of the Korea Fashion Industry Association, will grace Hall E during the PIS exhibition tenure. This conclave aims to offer a holistic sourcing platform, spanning from raw materials to designer brands, thereby catalyzing an enhanced symbiosis of business synergies.


Enlistment for participating entities remains open until Tuesday, the 30th of April, 2024. An incentive of a 10% discount is graciously extended to early registrants by Sunday, the 31st of March, 2024, and to entities that graced the previous year's event (2023), with a cumulative discount potential of up to 20%. Intentions for participation are cordially invited to be registered online via the Preview in SEOUL exhibition portal (previewinseoul.com).


For any inquiries, esteemed stakeholders are welcome to reach out to the Exhibition Marketing Office at (Email) pis@kofoti.or.kr, (Tel) 02-528-4055.

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