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[PIS 2023] 'Preview in Seoul 2023' Opens on the 23rd

'Preview in Seoul 2023' Opens on the 23rd


A Comprehensive Look at Trends in the Textile and Fashion Industry Circular Economy

From Recycling, Reuse, and Regeneration to Digital Transformation, Encompassing Eco-Friendly Innovation Technologies


'Preview in Seoul 2023 (PIS),' hosted by the Korea Federation of Textile Industries (Chairman Byung-oh Choi), will be held on an unprecedented scale from August 23 (Wednesday) to August 25 (Friday) at COEX A, B1, and E Halls in Seoul, with the participation of 507 domestic and international textile and fashion companies (746 booths).


- Schedule/Venue: August 23 (Wednesday) to August 25 (Friday), 3 days, COEX A, B1, E Halls

· E Hall (August 23, 2023 (Wednesday) to August 24, 2023 (Thursday), 2 days,

· Simultaneously held with 2023 Trend Fair (Fashion Industry Association) in B1 Hall

- Exhibition Scale: 507 companies, 746 booths (252 domestic companies, 255 international companies)

· Including 130 companies from the 2023 Trend Fair (Fashion Industry Association), totaling 637 companies and 876 booths.


· In order to promote the activation of a circular economy that continuously circulates resources, going beyond the existing linear economic structure, practices such as the development of eco-friendly materials, the development of low-carbon process technologies, and value-based consumption have become essential elements for survival, going beyond mere trends.


· Furthermore, worldwide efforts are underway for digital transformation to gain competitiveness in areas such as fashion data utilization, 3D design technology, and the establishment of innovative manufacturing infrastructure, as well as e-commerce.


Therefore, at this year's PIS, we have prepared a business platform that will promote the expansion of exports and the activation of the domestic market by focusing on core keywords such as sustainability, value-based consumption, and digital transformation in response to global trends.


· Companies like HYOSUNG TNC, TAEKWANG INDUSTRIAL / DAEHAN SYNTHETIC FIBER, LENZING KOREA LLC(subsidiary of Lenzing AG, Austria), SIN HAN SPINNING & TEXTILE Co., Ltd, TAIHAN TEXTILE Co., Ltd., KORECO Co., Ltd., SHINHAN Co., Ltd, and ONECHANG MATERIAL Co., Ltd., will exhibit fabrics that apply recycling, reuse, and reproduction materials and eco-friendly processing technologies, contributing to a circular economy.


· Companies such as DUKSUNG INCO, VEGATEX KOREA, DAEJIN S&T Co., Ltd., SUNG SHIN R AND A Co., Ltd., SHINJINTEX Co., Ltd. will showcase ethical processes for vegan leather, fur, and recycled denim, while Next-Gen Graphene Polymers Co., Ltd. presents graphene materials, Soitex Corp. offers conductive carbon materials, and SEALON Co., Ltd., and GIO-LITE introduce eco-friendly sub-materials that have been newly developed.


· Additionally, foreign companies from 14 countries, including Turkey, which introduces leather and fur produced through environmentally friendly processes, Taiwan, which focuses on functional sports materials, and Mongolia, which presents premium cashmere products, participate in the event.


At this PIS, a new 'Startup Pavilion' has been created in collaboration with Seoul Fashion Hub operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, a 'Premium Pavilion' featuring global premium materials, and a 'Digital Fashion Pavilion' where you can experience the future of the textile and fashion industry through artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies.


· The 'Startup Pavilion' includes more than 10 emerging designer brands that lead the way in sustainable branding, such as 'Valeyour,' which offers sustainable clothing, and 'YRDM,' which showcases endangered species through fashion.


· The 'Premium Pavilion' presents premium materials exported to global high-end brands such as trench coat fabrics jointly developed with Burberry in the UK, and materials supplied to global high-end brands such as Prada and Stone Island. It will particularly focus on introducing materials produced through recycling, bio-based, and low-carbon processes, as well as natural fibers such as wool, silk, and Supima cotton.


· The 'Digital Fashion Pavilion,' with the theme 'Digital Fashion Experience,' features a collaboration of 14 companies, including CLO VIRTUAL FASHION, Adobe, KT Corporation, LF (HAZZYS), Kolon F&C (HEAD), and Kakao VX (Kakao Friends Golf). It offers opportunities to experience DX fashion that is closer to reality through various experience spaces such as 3D brand showrooms, AI/AR filters, and virtual fitting.


· In addition, online fashion platforms and fashion tech companies, such as 'MODOONEW' the first B2B fashion funding platform in Korea, and 'FASHION ROBOTICS,' which develops AI-based inspection machines for the fashion industry, are participating.


As PIS continues to grow into a global exhibition, both domestic and international buyers have already completed pre-registration, raising expectations for substantial business results.

* Pre-registration: Over 6,000 domestic and 500 international participants (as of August 15th, Tuesday)


· Leading domestic fashion companies like Fashion Group Hyungji, Samsung C&T Corporation, as well as global vendors like SAE-A, HANSAE, sports and outdoor brands like YOUNGONE Corporation and K2 Korea Co., Ltd., and major retail companies like HYUNDAI Department Store, LOTTE Department Store, MUSINSA, and GS Retail Home Shopping have all completed pre-registration in advance to check global trends and find opportunities for diversifying sourcing channels.


· Furthermore, the Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) has actively invited genuine buyers who are keenly interested in Korean materials from major global brands in North America and Europe (such as Burberry, Michael Kors, Helly Hansen, Patagonia, Lululemon, Diesel, Hugo Boss), as well as buyers from Japan (Itochu, Marubeni Corporation) and Vietnam (Garco 10, Bac Giang Garment Corporation LGG, VITAS). They are facilitating business interactions between these buyers and participating companies.


On the opening day of the exhibition on the 23rd (Wednesday), the fashion show 'Creative Walk' will be presented twice at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. The show will showcase costumes produced through collaboration between 30 PIS material companies and renowned Korean designers such as Kwang-Hyo Chang and Hyun-Joo Kwak, maximizing the external promotional effects of Korean textile companies.


· At 'Creative Works,' the business showroom that exhibits costumes and materials from 'Creative Walk,' fashion designer-based business consultation experts will provide product introductions and material company guidance to domestic and international buyers, including export vendors, fashion brands, distribution companies, and designer brands, over a period of three days (August 23 to August 25).


At this year's exhibition, we have invited numerous domestic and international experts in the field of textile and fashion to hold various global seminars (15 sessions in total) on rapidly changing consumer behavior and market changes after the pandemic, circular economy, and digital transformation technologies.


In addition, the '2023 Trend Fair* (hosted by the Korea Fashion Industry Association), which is designed to pioneer business opportunities for domestic fashion brands, will be simultaneously held in Hall B1, offering a one-stop sourcing opportunity from materials to brands.

* The 2023 Trend Fair consists of six zones: Contemporary, Fashion Tech, Retro and New Retro, Eco Green, Life Balance, and Young Street, with the participation of 130 companies.


An official from the Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) stated, "This year's PIS reflects the importance of global circular economy and the value of digital transformation, and we hope that both participating companies and visitors will realize and enhance their future competitiveness together."


Additionally, this year's exhibition will feature various participatory events for visitors, including a pre-event SNS event, on-site stamp tours, and a photo zone event.

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