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[PIS 2023] 'PIS 2023' Sets the Stage for a Sustainable Future Industry Paradigm

'PIS 2023' Sets the Stage for a Sustainable Future Industry Paradigm


Collaboration Fashion Show with Designers Kwang-Hyo Chang and Hyun-Joo Kwak, featuring 30 Domestic Material Companies

Abundant Attractions Including Global Seminars on Textile and Fashion


The Korea Federation of Textile Industries (Chairman Lee Sang-woon) will present the direction of innovation that encompasses sustainable materials, fashion, and digital technology at the textile and fashion exhibition 'Preview in Seoul 2023 (PIS),' which will be held at COEX in Seoul for three days starting from the 23rd.


· The Asian representative textile and fashion sourcing exhibition 'PIS' will be held on an unprecedented scale this year, with the participation of 14 countries and 507 companies (746 booths). The exhibition aims to showcase the latest trends in the textile and fashion industry that are transitioning into a sustainable future-oriented industry.


The glamorous opening of the exhibition will be marked by a collaborative fashion show titled 'Creative Walk' featuring top-tier domestic designers Kwang-Hyo Chang* and Hyun-Joo Kwak**. Through this fashion show, they intend to showcase new creative works that incorporate unique designs beyond traditional textiles.

* Kwang-Hyo Chang (menswear brand Caruso) with the concept 'First New Wave in Seoul'

** Hyun-Joo Kwak (womenswear brand Kwak Hyun-joo Collection) with the concept 'The Dream of Velveteen Rabbit'


· Furthermore, this fashion show will feature sustainable future paradigm styles created by 30 participating textile companies in PIS. They have added unique designs to recycled and eco-friendly new materials.


The clothing and materials showcased in the 'Creative Walk' fashion show will be promoted for three days in the Business Showroom 'Creative Works,' targeting both domestic and international buyers, fashion brands, distribution companies (home shopping, online malls, department stores), and designer brands.


In this exhibition, a diverse range of global seminars (August 23rd to August 24th, COEX Conference Rooms 307, 308, and 317, totaling 15 sessions) will be conducted, inviting domestic and international experts in the textile and fashion fields. These seminars will provide more specific and specialized information on post-pandemic changes in consumer behavior, market trends, the realization of a circular economy, and digital transformation technologies.


· Seminars include 'Global Textile Machinery Trends Seminar (ITMA 2023 REVIEW),' 'The Present and Future of Sustainable Textiles' '2023 Eco-essential textile materials and carbon neutrality strategy,' and 'DX Innovation Case Analysis and Utilization Strategy in the Textile & Fashion Industry' etc.



· The 'Global Textile Machinery Trends Seminar (ITMA 2023 REVIEW)' will present the results of a joint investigation team formed by category to understand global innovative textile technology and machinery development trends and to confirm the direction of the textile industry's transition to a circular economy and automation and intelligence technologies. The team attended the 19th International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITMA 2023) held in Milan, Italy, in June and will announce the results of their research.


· Sylwia Szymczyk, a 3D clothing specialist from VF Corporation's outdoor brand 'Timberland,' will emphasize the need for collaboration within companies, with external vendors, and partners using advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), to accelerate digital innovation. Her talk will focus on the theme 'The Power of Partnerships.'


· The seminar 'The Present and Future of Sustainable Textiles' will analyze global market trends and future prospects for sustainable materials, which have been a constant topic in the textile and fashion industry. The seminar will cover topics such as global trends in sustainable materials and the demand trends from buyers in the Americas and Europe (by Connect On Sourcing / Senior Director Lauren Kim) and innovations and the future of sports and outdoor brands towards ESG (byTOC.Inc / CEO Schindler Park).


In addition, the exhibition will feature various participatory events such as a pre-event SNS campaign, on-site stamp tours, and a photo zone event.


Registration for participation in global seminars, various events, and both online and offline exhibitions can be done through the official 'Preview in Seoul' website (www.previewinseoul.com).

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