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[PIS 2023] 'PIS 2023', Future Value Maximization with Comprehensive High-Performance Materials

'PIS 2023', Future Value Maximization with Comprehensive High-Performance Materials


Simultaneous Targeting of Sports and Lifestyle Markets

Participation of Specialized Functional Material Companies... Showcasing Innovative Technologies and Products


The Korea Federation of Textile Industries, led by Chairman Lee Sang-woon, will host 'Preview In Seoul 2023 (PIS 2023)' at COEX from August 23rd to 25th, marking the largest-scale event in its history, showcasing innovative functional materials that will upgrade the core values of future lifestyles.


This year's 'PIS 2023' will introduce everyday items that maximize functional performance in response to the increased demand for overseas travel and leisure due to the global pandemic, under the theme 'Hyper-Core.'


· 'Hyper-Core' materials focus on advanced materials that enhance functionality and comfortable use while adding sustainable value. Key features include cooling and heating materials, energy-responsive fabrics, bio-based antimicrobial and deodorant materials, climate-adaptive water-repellent materials, stretchy lightweight knits, and colorful and unique designs.


In particular, this year, specialized outdoor and sports material companies such as Taekwang Industrial / Daehan Synthetic Fiber, Onechang Material Co., Ltd., and DAEWOONG FNT Co., Ltd. will participate in large numbers to showcase innovative technologies and products targeting the rapidly growing and evolving daily wear market, as well as the outdoor and sports market entering the MZ generation.


· Taekwang Industrial / Daehan Synthetic Fiber, the first company to commercialize Spandex in Korea, will promote its Spandex brand 'ELAFIT' and showcase products for the daily wear market, such as innerwear, swimwear, yoga wear, women's pants, and its functional differentiation brand 'ACEPORA' and eco-friendly brand 'ACEPORA ECO.'


· Onechang Material Co., Ltd., which specializes in nylon weaving and post-processing, is leading the eco-friendly functional sports material market with recycled and biodegradable products. This year, it will introduce mainly outdoor clothing and bag fabrics using HYOSUNG’s recycled nylon, which offers solutions for marine environment protection.


· DAEWOONG FNT Co., Ltd. aggressively markets recycled products and 'bio-based' nylon products in response to global brands' demand for eco-friendly materials. They offer softer and more climate-adaptive summer items (Sewcool) in response to the warming climate, using special technology for a more cooling effect.


· Woojooglobal Co., Ltd., a specialist in sports apparel fabric, will introduce a hybrid warp fabric that is similar in form to woven fabric. It combines high-stretch nylon, spandex polyester, bio, and recycled eco-friendly materials, expanding the market to include not only sportswear such as outdoor, golf, and yoga but also daily wear such as jackets and pants.


· High-functionality stretch fabric export company Shinpung Textile Co., Ltd. will introduce its representative brand 'SWINGCOOL,' which maintains optimal warmth with quick absorption and quick drying, and the equestrian wear brand 'RISTA,' which provides optimized wear comfort and functionality for riding. All products can be produced with recycled nylon, and they have obtained international certifications such as OEKO-TEX and GRS to enhance competitiveness.


'PIS 2023' will also focus on high-performance materials that can upgrade dynamic everyday life and contribute to solving issues such as climate change.


Registration for online and offline exhibition visitors is available on the website (www.previewinseoul.com).


Reference: 'PIS 2023' Concept and Themes https://previewinseoul.com/fairContents.do?FAIRMENU_IDX=3530&hl=KOR

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