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[PIS 2017] 4.0 Generation, a venue where innovative thinking and reality are combined to create new value

4.0 Generation, a venue where innovative thinking and reality are combined to create new value


- ‘PIS 2017’ Opening on August 28, held for 3 days at COEX and Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas

- 388 domestic and foreign companies participate and exhibit advanced textile and fashion apparel

- Various events such as seminars on global market trends and latest trends, fashion shows with the participating companies, designers, and brands, a placefor job creation and resolving manpower shortage, job fair, sharing bazaar for with love of neighbors, etc.


Korea Federation of Textile Industries (Chairman Kihak Sung) will be holding ‘Preview in SEOUL 2017 (known as PIS)’ at A hall (Material hall) on the 1st floor and E hall on the 3rd floor (Job Fair and seminar) of COEXand Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas (Fashion hall) from August 28 (Monday) to 30 (Wednesday). With its launch in 2000, PIS is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, and is a global textile&fashion exhibition that has contributed to expanding export of textile&fashion companies and domestic trade.


This year, a great number of innovative and creative products will be introduced throughout the entire stream of textile industry including differentiated yarn that corresponds to the consumer’s changing lifestyle, as well as eco-friendly and functional materials, knits, subsidiary materials, apparel, accessories, digital textile printing (DTP), and sewing machinery. In particular, in order to improve the degree of concentration of the exhibition, it is divided into the Textile Pavilion and Fashion Pavilion, and it will be held at the largest scale of all time, in terms of size of the exhibition halls and the number of participating companies. PIS will be operating ‘Trend Forum’ where visitors can see the latest materials at a glance and has prepared a variety of events such as seminars, sharing bazaar, job fair, etc. which will provide numerous and various attractions.


The concept of the exhibition is ReMix#ReSet. The 4.0 industry is becoming an important topic in 2017. ReMix#ReSet means that areas and boundaries between different industries and sectors, which are the key of the Fourth Industrial Revolution become collapsed and mixed into new combinations, creating new areas. PIS 2017 is renewed as an exhibition that combines and blends the boundaries between industries along with the 4.0 industrial revolution.


Of the 388 companies, 257 are domestic companies. The companies that represent each stream such as Hyosung, Kolon Fashion Material, Hanil Synthetic Fiber (yarn), Shin Heung, Seong-An, Shin Han(fabric), Sealon, Gio-Lite Lumian (subsidiary materials), Dgen, Three Leaved Clover (DTP), Youngone, LEDOME, medium-sized designer brands (Apparel), etc. are participating and waiting for the opening.


Companies that are favorably received by buyers from famous overseas exhibitions, also participate in the exhibition. Young Textile (ultralight insulation and high-strength nylon), Onechang Material (light-weighted nylon), Texland & Nexko (functional safety material), etc. are the companies which promoted the excellence of domestic materials by participating in Première Vision, Texworld, etc. and they will be showing a great number of the materials recently developed at this PIS.

Companies specializing in eco-friendly and functional textile are also preparing to meet buyers with innovative products. Raphila will be displaying polypropylene yarn and fabric, which are ‘Dream Fabric’ for medical use, whereas KayJune Company is displaying organic cotton, which is internationally certified for its entire production process. Hanwon MS and DTI International will be introducing a substitute material for natural leather with leather texture and eco-friendly biodegradable fiber, respectively.


About 50 companies such as the designer brands of Ledome, which is the show room operated by the Korean Apparel Industry Association, SEKANSKEEN, Ducan, THEaSTORY, BeBe&BiNo, and so on, are participating in the Fashion Pavilion. Headed by the Cooperation hall, which consists of local fashion companies with great performance, and association members, the fashion companies, which are getting good responses in Korea as well as in China such as CNC Korea, Noblemink, Wide International, etc. will introduce their fresh and unique sense. This year’s range of exhibiting items are expanded from textile materials to apparel.


Besides, major textile organizations such as Spinners & Weavers Association of Korea, Korea Textile Trade Association, Daegu Textile Marketing Center (DMC), Korea Textile Development Institute, KITECH, Korea Institute of Convergence Textile, and Korea High Tech Textile Research Institute and researchers take part in the Cooperation hall, to conduct co-marketing with member companies and local textile companies.


131 companies from 16 different countries will be participating. 94 companies are from China, followed by 11 from India, 8 from Taiwanese, 8 from ASEAN, 5 from Pakistan, and 2 from Japan. The global textile companies including Lenzing (Austria), Shima Seiki (Japan), Everest (Taiwan), Hengli Group and Shenghong Group (China) and leading textile companies from India and Taiwan have organized the Country pavilion to knock on the domestic textile market.


During the PIS period this year, more than 12,000 visitors, including 1,000 overseas buyers, are expected to come to the exhibition hall. In particular, the Korea Federation of Textile Industries made use of the related organizations such as KTC, GTC, HUGE China, KOTRA New York Trade Center, the Okaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in order to attract foreign buyers. It has invited the buyers with a high number of consultation, large-sized agents, and brands with high awareness.


The managers of global fashion brands including DKNY, Burberry, Michael Kors, 32 Degree, Perry Ellis, Ninewest, G-III, Weather Proof, etc. who are in charge of sourcing, visit PIS in order to identify development trends of new materials and to add new consumer lines. Furthermore, large apparel brands in China and Hong Kong which use Korean materials such as Li & Fung, MDF, Mast, CG Group, Qi Pi Lang Group and buying offices come to Korea to purchase high quality Korean fabrics.


In Korea, the purchasing managers of the brands with high sales and awareness, which make high use of domestic materials are likely to come to the exhibition hall. The executives and staffs of the major brand companies, such as Youngone, LF, Eland World, and Hyungji Retail, apparel exporting vendors such as Sae-A Trading, Hansae, and Hansoll Textile, the three largest department stores in Korea, large-scale supermarkets, and online select shops are making registrations in advance.


During the exhibition period, a variety of differentiated events such as fashion show, seminars, sharing bazaar, and job fair will be held. Furthermore, by strengthening the function as a business-specialized exhibition, we will assist with consulting service of the participating companies through the business activation program by setting up a business meeting lounge.


The fashion show will be held at A Hall of COEX and Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas for 12 times, participated by Youngone Outdoor, Ledome, Lynn Collection, 2nd Skin, Hans Gallery, Noblemink,

THEaSTORY, and so on. This fashion show is expected to provide visitors and buyers with the opportunity to see the latest products, and to contribute to the promotion and marketing of the participating companies.

15 seminars including ‘The Strategy of textile material / fashion brand in the era of the 4th industrial revolution’ in which Esteban Ko, the director of ‘PVH’, a global fashion group, explains the successful business strategy in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, ‘Creative company’s new product presentation’ (Korea Textile Development Institute), ‘Sustainability for global outdoor market’(Korea Federation of Textile Industries / FITI Testing and Research Institute), ‘Global trend of ICT integrated fabric product in response to the 4th industrial revolution’(Korea Textile Trade Association), and ‘2018 Mega trend and evolved consumers’ (Trend in Korea), are prepared.


The sharing bazaar, which is organized by Beautiful Store, a public organization, in combination with the Korea Federation of Textile Industries, Korea Apparel Industry Association, and Korea Fashion Association, is designed to sell the products sponsored by the textile fashion companies and affiliated organizations, public goods, and up-cycling products. About 30 textile fashion companies participated in the donation, and the entire profit gained from the bazaar is used for the projects that support isolated neighbors and public interest groups.


Job Fair is set up to solve the unemployment crisis and manpower shortage in textile fashion industry. About 30 companies, 15 high schools, and 40 universities will participate, and it is expected to be a place where companies and the students who look for jobs meet together, have consultations and get selected. In addition, it is expected to provide practical assistance to job-seekers through special lectures on getting a job and talk concerts, and to convey the message that the textile fashion industry is taking the lead in social issues such as job creation.


The manager of the Korea Federation of Textile Industries stated "This year’s PIS is an exhibition of total textile&fashion where people can encounter all materials, fashion, and lifestyle in one place. We have nice events such as fashion show, sharing bazaar, Job Fair, etc. where we can communicate with visitors and help overcome the unemployment crisis." and "We also intend to actively enhance business consultations, which is the intrinsic purpose of this exhibition, by inviting influential domestic and foreign buyers and holding business exchange meetings."


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