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[PIS 2015] Asia Sourcing Platform 'Preview In SEOUL 2015'

Asia Sourcing Platform ‘Preview in Seoul 2015’

-Sep. 2~4 Coex Hall A304 companies Korea and overseas participating

-one-stop souring yarn, fabric, clothing

-over 12,000 buyers overseas taking part in business counselling

Preview in SEOUL, PIS 2015, a Korean textile trade exhibition, hosted by Korea Federation of Textile Industries(chairman Seong Gi-hak) will be held from on September 2nd till 4th at the 1st floor of hall A of Coex. PIS, which has been 16 years since its launch in 2000, is an international textile exhibition making greater contribution in improving export and domestic economy.


PIS, in particular, aims at creating business arena which includes all streams including yarn, fabric and clothes and opening marketing professional exhibition in accordance with the age of global trade and cooperation. Also, it focuses on attracting domestic and foreign buyers and emphasizing marketing campaign to be gown as Asia sourcing platform, therefore, it plans to extend its business performance via matching between competitors and buyers.

The concept of exhibition is Homing which means trying to discover fundamental value bringing comport to contemporaries tired of long-term depression and technology development. Also, multi collaboration trend forum room is arranged with reinforced index function in line with global trend. This forum room suggests upcoming future's trend, Next Highlight, a premium material made out of new technology or method.


This exhibition including 304 companies mainly introduces differential material based on functionality, eco-friendliness and industrial textile. In particular, 92 famous foreign textile companies from 12 countries trying to enter the Korean market have sharpened their competitiveness in an international exhibition.


In Korea, conglomerates of synthetic fiber yarn including Hyosung and Huvis and global outdoor companies and foreign famous exhibition such as Youngone Trade, Seong-an, Yong-tech Style, Duck-woo, Won-chang material, Duck-san enterprise, Tex land and nexco, Sin-heung, Sporic, Young-poong filtex and textile companies with their high quality and functionality will be attending this exhibition.


In particular, yarn major conglomerates and the global outdoor business' participation and attraction of buyers are expected to lead to qualitative growth. Hyosung launches first developed featrues of polyester 'Fresh Gear', Kleora color+ using nylon products with the main product 'Kleora highclo' with high spandex.


Huvis Corp., , in the field of fashion apparel, introduces micro product with soft-touch complex radiation technology and A1/VIC and high-strength CD in the field of performance. Youngone Holdings introduces VX/VIC with comfort and activeness and Fuseform with cutting-edge weaving method.


And Organic cotton expert maker, Cajun company, Darwin Anders which display charcoal textile 'kojiron' and 'boltron', ceylon that has global competitiveness with water-proof seamsilling tape and highly adhesive film, Daehan fabric first featuring multiple thread, WigKorea raising its stock with rubiolle, Hanwon Corp. featuring vegetable leather are expected to bring a life the exhibition.


Dijen, Leaf clovers, Kostech, Well-first will be presenting state-of-the-art digital textile prininting devices. These companies will display a state-of-the-art equipment and advanced digital printing technology.


The Korean Textile Association, the Korean textile imports and exports, the fiber Marketing Center at the University of Daegu (dmc), Gyeonggi Federation of Textile Industries, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and other major textile groups and associations and researchers also lead co-marketing with participants, member companies.


In other countries, DuPont Korea, the local branch of U.S. DuPont and major textile maker in China including Syeonghong group textile company, heongli Competitive and Taiwan's functionality group, Everest Textile will represent each country. Overall, China's 65 competitors ranked 1st and Taiwan, India the 2nd with 6 companies respectively and Japan the 3rd with 3 companies. These companies are now launching a wide range of products from outdoor to functional fabrics for compound material synthetic fabric.


DuPont introduces products applicating general fashion materials into high-end fiber including lightweight and high-strength polyethylene taibek with paper-like texture, Nomex with flexibility to withstand high temperatures, and super fiber lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel and examine the reaction of the buyers.


Likewise, the reason why PIS is increasing its renowned foreign textile companies in attendance is because of its ever increasing growth of local outdoor market and global sourcing of fashion company and suitable market place to achieve this goal.


PIS is expected to host over 1,000 and up to 12,000 foreign buyers. In particular, big clothing brands (Semir, Bosideng, Xtem Semir, broadcast, Show long) and yarn distribution buyers (Chun-Yi, U-Jin, YIYI TRADING) using materials made in Korea will be visiting PIS ahead of the fermentation of Korea-China FTA.


Also, America's largest fashion brand, Anne Klein, American Apparel, 32 Degrees, KASPER Inter Coulour are to visit PIS set to expand the purchases of Korean products. Global sourcing agents in fashion brand such as Nike, Club Monaco, Coaches, Burberry and Ralph Lauren are expected to explore the possibility of existing and additional lines.


Korean brands, clothing exporters and distributors such as Hyeong-ji, Gwangrim trade, FanKo, Shinyoung Wacoal, Cheil Industries, LF, Kolon FnC, E-Land, Hanse trade, Se-ah trade, Lotte, Sinsegae with high sales and awareness and higher use of domestic material have finished their registration in prior


The various units including a seminar in the event was held during the exhibition. Also, business competitors expected to help the counselling orders in activation program for the showcase.


During the exhibition, various events will be held including seminars. Also, business competitors are expected to make use of counselling with business activation programs.


A seminar on nine occasions has been set for. On the 2nd day of its opening, its new nylon material exposition, invitation of TOP Chinese brand CEO, presentation of new product by new product show, '16 S/S City active trend seminar, safety seminar convergence/integration active trends will be held. Especially, CEOs form China's three top 10 fashion brands, which has the potential for cooperation with Korea textile indstries, and Chinese fashion association will be invited to introduce Chinese fashion trends and sourcing plan by Korean industry.

On the 3rd day, Europe fashion & fabric trend and market information seminar, ICT convergence textile product technology and market trend seminar, the market's response briefings for orgin verification, performance exchange of textile will be presented. ICT convergence textile products and market trend seminars present the future development of textile material through information sharing on recent technology trends and global market trends.


In particular, 1:1 matching buyers' programs, invitation of buyer companies and tour program were prepared to revive the business. 1:1 matching program will be arranged about 120 times after preliminary study of new products of competitors.


In addition, city tour program has been designed to provide opportunities for reporters and buyers overseas wishing to interact industry (Miraen child, the Korean, Daehan fabric) to experience Korean culture and to propagate excellence of Korean culture and beauty.

Seomsallyeon gwonyeonghwan Commerce said "PIS this year has come up with business meeting lounge to provide 1:1 matching counselling and this reinforced business exhibition."He said, "we made sure that business networking arena to extend the use of domestic material and various events to vitalize communication between the demander and stream will satisfy all of the participants including both competitors and buyers.   

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