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: 관리자 : 2014-06-25

[PIS 2014] A New Transformation of “Preview in Seoul 2014”

A New Transformation of “Preview in Seoul 2014”



Leading Global Material Company, Outdoor Brand Section, Global Apparel Sourcing Section



 The preparation for “Preview in Seoul 2014 (PIS)” exhibition, which will be held from September 3rd (Wed) to September 5th (Fri) at the COEX A Hall by Korea Federation of Textile Industries (Chairman Ro Hee Chan), has fully begun.


As the “Preview in Seoul (PIS)” exhibition welcomes its 15thanniversary, the exhibition will experience a new turning point this year through diverse changes in the exhibition’s location, framework, and concepts. Furthermore, Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) has organized a strategy committee with participating exhibitors, buyers, exhibition agencies, consulting firms, and other related experts through an intimate cooperation to further upgrade the exhibition.


■ The Exhibition Relocates to COEX A Hall for an Upgraded Scale.   


Ever since “Preview in Seoul (PIS)” started its first exhibition in 2000, it has become Korea’s professional textile exhibition, and from 2005, PIS has been nominated as a certified international exhibition every year by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE), thereby establishing its reputation as a credible exhibition.


Due to limited space, the PIS was not able to accept all of companies that wish to participate. In order to diversify the exhibition products and events, the PIS will be relocated to the COEX Exhibition A Hall, which can accommodate 10,368, 300 companies, and 450 booths.


In the global textile market, Korea’s export of textile goods has augmented. “Preview in Seoul” was initiated as an international textile exhibition in Korea, but soon after, the exhibition has become a “one stop sourcing collection system” that can present both domestic and international yarns and materials, apparel enterprises, various subsidiary companies, and digital print companies. Moreover, the exhibition endeavors to become a professional exhibition that can offer innovative and unique fashion and textile trends.


In particular, “Preview in Seoul 2014” will consist of fast growing international outdoor market and will display “Premium Outdoor Section” and “Powerful Apparel Sourcing Section” to target Chinese brands.


■ Establishment of “Powerful Apparel Sourcing Section” with Global Apparel Export Venture Enterprises


A majority of the top 10 knit apparel export enterprises that are globally recognized is from Korea, and their competitiveness has been a driving force in the international market for Korea. Many global apparel exporters hold competitiveness in the U.S., Japan and Europe, and since China is the largest consumption market with a great potentiality, various Chinese domestic brands will join PIS to enlarge their market share. 


For the global apparel export firms that are growing despite global economic recession, a new market expansion will be an excellent opportunity.  


■ Establishment of “Premium Outdoor Section”


The recent popularity of well-being lifestyle and leisure sports spread wildly in Korea, and the Korean outdoor market is estimated to be the second largest in the world. The upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics in 2018 will further intensify global interest in the Korean outdoor market. Moreover, the projected prospective growth of the Chinese market increases the possibility of success of the “Premium Outdoor Section”.  

In addition, the “Premium Outdoor Section” will provide not only outdoor products (fabric materials) but also will function as a link between different markets.


■ Various Events for Effective Communication between Consumers


Fashion Exhibition Team of Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) is planning to actively invite local Chinese agents and global brand/buying office sourcing representatives to expand recruitment of overseas buyers from the U.S., EU, China, Japan, and other countries.  


In addition, during the exhibition period, new technology, material, fashion, and trend related experts will be invited to conduct seminars, an outdoor fashion show, and a brand PT show through a variety of other events to maximize collective synergy of the exhibition.


Fashion Exhibition Team of Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) said, “2014 will be a turning point for PIS and will establish the exhibition as a professional textile exhibition in Asia. PIS firmly supports and displays functional, eco-friendly material suppliers and continues to expand domestic and international outdoor brands to increase overseas buyers’ interest and visit. KOFOTI will endeavor to attract as many global apparel export vendor companies as possible to further upgrade exhibition framework and additional events.”

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