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: 관리자 : 2014-06-26

[PIS2014] Korea’s Leading Chemical Fiber Company, Hyosung & Kolon FM will participate in “PIS 2014

Korea’s Leading Chemical Fiber Company, Hyosung & Kolon FM will participate in “Preview in Seoul 2014” 



The Leading Chemical Fiber Will Join after 8 Years, 

Rising Expectation of Chemical Fiber Yarn and Qualitative Growth 

The Main Theme ‘ab-REAL’  



Hyosung, Kolon FM, and other leading chemical fiber yarn business representatives will attend ‘Preview in Seoul (PIS) 2014’, which will be held from September 3rd(Wed) to September 5th (Fri) at the COEX A Hall by Korea Federation of Textile Industries (Chairman Ro Hee Chan). 


Fashion Exhibition Team of Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) asserted that the results of early application deadline at the end of May, Hyosung, Kolon FM, and other 130 domestic and foreign companies have submitted their applications. 


According to a representative of Fashion Exhibition Team of Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI), “in addition to Hyosung and Kolon FM, Huvis and Toray Chemical Co., Ltd. are also positively considering to participate in the exhibition, [and] the participation of leading Korean companies in PIS can attract a large number of buyers and qualitative growth.” 


“Preview in Seoul (PIS)” started in 2000, and as the exhibition welcomes its 15thanniversary, Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) will endeavor to mark a new turning point this year through diverse changes in the exhibition’s location, framework, and concepts, thereby embracing a new turning point.  


Due to limited space, the PIS was not able to accept all of companies that wish to participate. In order to diversify the exhibition products and events, the PIS will be relocated to COEX Exhibition Hall A, which can accommodate 10,368㎡, 300 companies, and 450 booths. 


Moreover, this year’s PIS will consists of rapidly growing outdoor market and local Chinese brands at the ‘Premium Outdoor Section’, ‘Powerful Apparel Sourcing Section’, ‘Eco-Material Section’, ‘Functional Material Section’, ‘DTP Section’, ‘Subsidiary Section’, and a one-stop sourcing system. 


‘Premium Outdoor Section’ does not only offer outdoor products but also materials that can link different markets, and ‘Powerful Apparel Sourcing Section’ will consist of global apparel vendor companies that have strong competitiveness in the global market. 


At a prior briefing on May 21st, KOFOTI announced the main theme of the exhibition as every day or a fantastic experience that can occur in the real world, ‘ab-REAL: Tangible Fantasy. ‘ab-REAL’ is a new trend that connects ‘Tactile’ and ‘Fantasy’ together and can portray a fusion of practical suggestions and innovative future market trends. The exhibition’s theme is Tricky Ordinary (every day’s tricks), Melting Chaos (mixed by novelty), and Innovative Fantasy (fantasy by technology). 


Fashion Exhibition Team officials of KOFOTI said, “PIS consists of functional, eco-friendly materials, brands, and manufacturers that can attract more visitors and buyers. KOFOTI is planning to foster PIS as a professional, international textile exhibition in Asia.” KOFOTI will continue to recruit exhibitors until the end of this month, and the preparation for the exhibition will begin soon.

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