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[PIS 2014] Numerous Foreign Textile Companies Will Participate in ‘Preview in Seoul’


Numerous Foreign Textile Companies Will Participate in ‘Preview in Seoul’  



100 Companies from 14 Countries Are Expected To Join the Exhibition, Thereby Marking the Largest Participation So Far. 






Korea Federation of Textile Industries (Chairman Ro Hee Chan), will sponsor ‘Preview in Seoul (PIS) 2014’ from September 3rd to September 5th at the COEX A Hall, and numerous foreign textile companies will join, thereby enhancing PIS’s prestige as an international textile exhibition. 


According to the Exhibition and Fashion Team, which is a secretariat for PIS, within Korea Federation of Textile Industries, 100 overseas textile companies that will participate in 'Preview in Seoul' are from 14 countries and are expected to occupy 140 booths. In 2013, 69 companies from 10 countries participated and occupied 92 booths. Furthermore, this year’s exhibition statistics for foreign companies exceeds that of 2012’s number: 92 foreign companies from 11 companies and 105 booths. 


Thus, many foreign textile companies are positively showing their interest in 'Preview in Seoul' because as PIS welcomes its 15th anniversary, the exhibition’s credibility has increased, and PIS is considered as an excellent means of entering the Korean textile market. More importantly, due to the growth of the Korean outdoor market and global sourcing of textile companies of China, many European functional textile companies expressed their interest in the price competitive Asian market. 


When the foreign companies are categorized by their respective nations, many Chinese chemical fiber companies such as Sheng Hong GROUP (盛虹集), Louis Group (如意集), and other 50 companies are expected to join the exhibition. From Taiwan, Everest Textile, a leading functional fiber company that participated in last year's PIS for the first time and other 8 Taiwanese companies are planning to introduce appropriate materials for outdoor apparel.   


Moreover, 8 Pakistanis companies that received governmental support will participate in PIS as Pakistanis pavilions, and due to a MOU between Korea Federation of Textile Industries and CITI (Confederation of Indian Textile Industry) that was signed in 2010, India's leading multinational company called BIRLA CELLULOSE, GRASIM INDUSTRIES LTD. along with other 10 enterprises will join PIS this year. In addition, Korea-ASEAN Center, an international organization, was established between South Korea and 10 other ASEAN countries in order to promote the participating countries’ societal, cultural, and economic inter-governmental cooperation. Korea-ASEAN Center is planning to re-participate in ‘PIS 2014’ after three years.  


An official of the Exhibition and Fashion Team from Korea Federation of Textile Industries said, “Re-participation rate is high among the foreign textile companies, and due to the recent growth of the Korean outdoor market, many European functional fiber companies and Chinese textile companies have been showing positive interest in PIS. Such positive interest reveals that the Korean fashion market is actively in demand and that ‘Preview in Seoul’ is considered as a route to enter the Korean fashion market.  


Because of the exhibition’s limited space allotment, Korea Federation of Textile Industries was not able to accept all of the companies that showed interest in PIS. To meet the growing demand, the location of ‘Preview in Seoul’ will be changed from COEX B Hall to A Hall, and the new A Hall boasts 10,368scale that can hold 300 companies and 450 booths. In particular, Hyosung, Kolon FM, and other leading yarn companies will attend PIS after eight years, and as the participation of foreign textile companies in PIS increases, an expectation for a successful hosting of PIS has augmented as well.  



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