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: 관리자 : 2014-07-22

[PIS 2014] The Countdown for a Successful Opening of ‘Preview in Seoul 2014’ Began

The Countdown for a Successful Opening of ‘Preview in Seoul 2014’ Began 


Numerous Leading Yarn · Textile Companies Will Participate 

Preparation for Buyer Recruitment and Diverse Events Will Start 



Korea Federation of Textile Industries (Chairman Ro Hee Chan) has completed most of the exhibitor recruitment for ‘Preview in Seoul (PIS) 2014’, which will be held from September 3 to September 5 at the COEX A Hall and initiated its comprehensive preparation process for the exhibition. 


The Exhibition and Fashion Team, a secretariat for PIS, stated that with 50 days left before the opening of PIS, 180 domestic companies (390 booths) and 100 foreign companies (140 booths) have applied for the exhibition. Compared to last year, where a total of 251 companies joined the exhibition, 30 more companies have applied for PIS, thereby marking the largest participate scale so far. While waiting for additional applications, Korea Federation of Textile Industries will organize upcoming buyer recruitment and additional events.  


3 Big Leading Yarn Companies, Hyosung, Kolon, and Huvis, Will Join PIS 


As PIS welcomes its 15th anniversary this year, a notable highlight of the exhibition is the participation of three leading yarn companies: Hyosung, Kolon, and Huvis. These three companies did not participate in PIS after 2006 because they focused on their global marketing. However, from last year, numerous top companies have agreed that in order for the domestic textile industry to develop and PIS to be successful and effective, participation of prominent yarn companies is imperative. Subsequently, top yarn companies have decided to join PIS this year.     


Another highlight is the participation of Sae-A Trading Co., LTD., Korea’s biggest apparel export company. Korea Federation of Textile Industries anticipates a separate ‘Powerful Apparel Sourcing Pavilion’ for Sae-A Trading Co., LTD. and other global apparel vendors that have been recognized for their competitiveness in the international market. Partaking of leading yarn enterprises and global apparel vendors will bring in diverse buyers and unique display of different products and ideas, thereby advancing the exhibition’s quality and prestige as an international textile exhibition.  


Korea’s Leading Textile Companies Continue to Participate 

A Number of Participating Foreign Companies Has Increased 


Growing participation of textile companies that have been recognized for their competitiveness and high quality in the global market and of foreign textile companies can be a noteworthy distinction for this year’s exhibition. In particular, Young Tex, Young Poong Filltex, Paka, Shin Heung, and Sung Min are acknowledged for their high quality products at renowned international exhibitions, such as Première Vision (Paris) and Texworld. These companies will grab much attention in PIS, for they will present newly developed functional textile, the latest fashion trends, and fine materials. 


Currently, a total of 14 Chinese companies applied to participate in PIS. From China, top textile chemical companies such as Sheng Hong Group(盛虹集团) and Ruyi Group(如意集团) and approximately 50 other companies are expected to join the exhibition. Moreover, to establish a successful Korea-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA), PIS endeavors to provide a gateway for Korea’s active trading with China. From Taiwan, Everest Textile, a leading functional fiber company that participated in last year's PIS for the first time and other 8 Taiwanese companies are planning to introduce appropriate materials for outdoor apparel, and these companies are planning to target Korea’s outdoor market. In addition, 8 Pakistanis companies that received governmental support will participate in PIS, and due to a MOU between Korea Federation of Textile Industries and CITI (Confederation of Indian Textile Industry) that was signed in 2010, India's 10 leading enterprises will join PIS this year. 


Prominent Korean textile producers, Korea Textile Marketing Center (KTC) and Daegu Textile Marketing Center (DMC), have each recruited 10-30 representatives from ST One Chang, Tex CNJ, Woo Chang Textile, Song I Textile, Duckwoo Corporation, Shin Poong Textile, KY (Kyung Young) Tex, and Baek San Co., Ltd. and entered the exhibition. Furthermore, Kyeong-Gi-Do eagerly strives to develop local textile industry and encouraged Nanosys Co., Ltd., Daejin Tex, Il Song Tex, Young Shin Textile Co., Ltd, and other local textile businesses to partake in PIS to spread the region’s high quality textiles.  


Diverse Events Will Be Arranged to Enhance Communication between the Buyers and the Suppliers 


Korea Federation of Textile Industries is currently completing its exhibitor recruitment and has begun to focus on its domestic buyer recruitment and the preparation of upcoming supplementary events. To have a successful buyer recruitment, Korea Federation of Textile Industries is planning to recruit global brand sourcing representatives from North America, Europe, China, Hong Kong, and Japan and to invite local Chinese agents from East Best Group(Shanghai International Trade Promotion Co.,Ltd) and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). The invited representatives have an opportunity to visit and experience Korea’s leading textiles as a night tour program. On the other hand, to recruit domestic buyers, Korea Federation of Textile Industries will contact distinguished fashion companies, manufacturers, and export representatives and will send out online newsletters that contain detailed updates and information of PIS. 


Through an invitation of experts and suppliers in the fields of new technology, materials, fashion and trends, Korea Federation of Textile Industries endeavors to construct diverse exhibition events, thus producing a positive synergetic effect. Korea Federation of Textile Industries’ director, Kwon Young Hwan, said “The scale of PIS exhibition continues to expand, and as more leading yarn and textile companies participate in the exhibition, both quantity and quality will improve and shape a new turning point. Moreover, Korea Federation of Textile Industries will try to deliver a gratifying organization of the exhibition to provide a professional setting for the business negotiations and exhibition events.” 




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