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: 관리자 : 2014-07-25

[PIS 2014] Numerous New, Functional Textile Materials Will Be Introduced at PIS

Numerous New, Functional Textile Materials Will Be Introduced at PIS 


Functional Materials and Fashion Apparel Will Shape the Atmosphere of the Exhibition 



Korea Federation of Textile Industries (Chairman Ro Hee Chan) will sponsor and present highly functional and fine materials at a Korean textile exhibition called ‘Preview in SEOUL (PIS) 2014’, which will be held from September 3rd to September 5th at the COEX A Hall. 


According to the Exhibition and Fashion Team from Korea Federation of Textile Industries, approximately 300 Korean and foreign companies have applied to participate in this year’s PIS, and functional textile companies take a considerable portion of the exhibition. In particular, these functional textile companies have recently developed fine and highly functional fabrics for fashion materials, thereby increasing the fabrics’ functionality and texture. Such a development of functional materials is due to a recent, widespread ubiquity of functional materials for sports, outdoor, casual, daily wear, and women’s apparel in the fashion market. 


Hyosung, Kolon Fashion Material Inc., Huvis, and other leading textile chemical companies participated in PIS in 2006 and will join the exhibition again after 8 years with highly functional yarns and new, diverse products.  


Hyosung is planning to introduce ‘Creora’, a company that holds the world’s largest share in the spandex market, ‘Robic’, ‘Aqua-X’, ‘Cotna’, ‘Aerogear’,  and other highly functional nylon ∙ polyester yarn brands. Furthermore, ‘Cotna’ offer materials that have cotton-like texture and the functions of polyester. Hyosung endeavors to produce a synergetic effect at the exhibition with other yarn suppliers and textile representatives.  


Kolon Fashion Material Inc. will present ‘cella’, ‘XF-Series’, ‘MIMOFIL’, ‘ROJEL’, ‘U-VEIL’, ‘NAROPORA’, ‘neoVENT’, and other distinguished, functional materials. In particular, ‘cella’ boasts its natural appearance like that of cotton, holds its shape firmly, and provides cool comfort. ‘MIMOFIL’ highlights its visual presentation through a two-tone effect, thus being recognized as a highly fine material.  


Huvis will exhibit ‘Seaone’ that can provide cool comfort and UV protection and will introduce ‘XN’, which is made out of dyed polypropylene materials and offers its lightweight and thermal protection. Furthermore, Huvis will display ‘MOKA’ that has underwent weaving and yarn processing technique to imitate cotton’s texture.    


Medium-sized textile companies such as Young Textile, Young Tex, Paka, Shin Heung, ST One Chang, and Duck Woo Corporation are also preparing to welcome buyers with highly functional and fine materials at PIS.  


Young Textile is planning to present the world’s first developed lightweight thermal material called ‘ULTIMA-X’, a thermal protective material called ‘TETRA-HEAT’, micro memory materials, highly fine micro yarns, and various products for down jackets. Young Poong Filltex will exhibit an ultra-lightweight and thin fabric called ‘airshell’, a waterproof material called ‘Reissa’, and a high strength body protection material called ‘UTD’. Paka will present high pressure resistant and waterproof memory materials for parkas, N/P micro yarns, and spandex goods, and Shin Heung will offer diverse union cloths for men’s and women’s outer materials. ST One Chang will present lightweight nylon yarns, and Duck Woo Corporation will present highly sensitive polyester fabrics.  


Through an active cooperation with domestic textile companies, Korea Federation of Textile Industries endeavors to establish this year’s PIS as a foundation where both domestic and foreign suppliers and buyers can compete with other leading global SPA brands. Moreover, Korea Federation of Textile Industries strives to become an effective communication tool between textile and fashion industries so that the Korean textile goods can be widely used throughout the world.  


Director Park Chang Yul of the Exhibition and Fashion Team from Korea Federation of Textile Industries stated, “Throughout the world, the outdoor market is rapidly growing and expanding, and other functional materials are in high demand and are pervasive. Many functional textile companies will join this year’s PIS, and diversified and unique fabrics and products will decorate the exhibition.”  



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