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[PIS 2014] A Market for Both Global Venders and Fabric Enterprises Will Be Available at ‘PIS 2014’

A Market for Both Global Venders and Fabric Enterprises Will Be Available at ‘PIS 2014’

SAE-A Trading Co., LTD. and Panko Co., LTD. Will Participate for the First Time
Finished Knit Products • New Materials Will Be Exhibited
Recycled, Organic Cotton and Bamboo • Eco-Friendly Materials Will Decorate the Exhibition


As Korea Federation of Textile Industries (Chairman Ro Hee Chan) prepares for a Korean textile exhibition called ‘Preview in SEOUL (PIS) 2014’, which will be held from upcoming September 3rd to September 5th at the COEX A Hall, the first participation of global apparel export vendors, SAE-A Trading Co. and Panko Co, LTD., is receiving much attention.


Korea Federation of Textile Industries anticipates this year’s PIS to be a new turning point and attempts to establish a ‘Global Apparel Sourcing Pavilion’ through an effective cooperation and recruitment of apparel export vendors. Subsequently, Korea Federation of Textile Industries invited Korea’s largest apparel export companies: SAE-A Trading Co., LTD. and Panko Co., LTD. These companies decided to attend this year’s PIS and are currently preparing for the exhibition.


SAE-A Trading Co., LTD. will occupy a total of 8 booths and will co-participate with other fashion brands, such as Inthef and Wintex (an Indonesian fabric manufacturer) to exhibit finished knit products that have been self-developed or sourced and also other diverse, new materials. In particular, ‘Joinus’, ‘Compagna’, ‘Yetts’, ‘Trugen’, and other brands, which Inthef is developing, will display self-developed finished products to grab the participants’ interest. SAE-A Trading Co., LTD.’s director, Kang Ih Nae, said, “The company has decided to attend PIS to analyze numerous fabric manufacturers and fabric developing companies’ current trends and to collaborate with other sponsors. SAE-A Trading Co., LTD. will present many recent, trendy finished products and materials.”


As Panko Co., LTD. welcomes its 20th anniversary this year, the company will highlight its finished knit products that are self-developed. Furthermore, the company provides knit products to ‘Uniqlo Co., LTD.’, Japan’s leading fast fashion brand, ‘Muji (無印良品)’, ‘AEON’, and other 5 wholesale/retail businesses. More importantly, Panko Co., LTD. endeavors to categorize its materials into different groups to create a market for both global vendors and domestic manufacturing companies at PIS.


The Exhibition and Fashion Team of Korea Federation of Textile Industries claimed, “Participation of global apparel export vendors, such as SAE-A Trading Co., LTD. and Panko Co., LTD., along with other leading fabric companies, Hyosung, Kolon, and Huvis, is the greatest highpoint for this year’s PIS. These companies not only plan to participate in the exhibition but also strive to expand their international export and to increase the demand for Korea’s textile goods. In addition, the companies are trying to function as buyers as well, thereby augmenting the domestic materials’ demand.”


At this year’s PIS, functional materials, recycled textile, corn textile, organic cotton, bamboo textile, hemp textile, and other diverse eco-friendly materials will be introduced. Hyosung, Kolon Fashion Material, and Huvis will try to show functional fabrics that have been re-created through plastic bottles, fishing nets, recycled polyester nylon textiles, and biodegradable textiles. Huvis will introduce a 100% degradable product called ‘Ingeo’ that has been produced through a bio-constructed corn technique.


Out of the professional, eco-friendly textile companies, Kay June Co., LTD. will present organic cotton and bamboo textile, and JK Fabric Co., LTD. will display bamboo textile and tinsel/rayon union cloth; moreover, Shin Han Spinning Co., LTD. will show hemp textile that is made with hemp. Such functional and eco-friendly products have become a recent hot topic and will further advance the companies’ competitiveness in the global textile market. 

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