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: 관리자 : Mon, 3 June, 5:20 PM

[PIS 2024] PIS 2024 Digital Show Sample Submission Guide


Greetings from the PIS organizer. 

Since 2021, the PIS exhibition has been operating both online and offline, facilitating pre-matching programs with domestic and international buyers through online showcases.

1. Here are some instructions regarding the upload of your company's flagship product photos, videos, etc., as per the following guidelines. 
(Until June 28th, Friday)

   * The online exhibition hall 'PIS 2024 Digital Show' is scheduled to open in July.

2. Additionally, for companies unable to directly upload product photos, the PIS organizer is offering support for photographing material samples of your company's products. Companies wishing to avail of this photoshoot support should refer to Attachment 1. PIS 2024 Digital Show Content Support - Sample Submission Guide and submit material samples by the deadline. (Until June 14st, Friday)

We anticipate that enhancing your company's online showroom content will lead to active order consultations with domestic and international buyers.

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