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PIS 2023 Online Exhibition Open ( July 14th )

Dear PIS 2023 Exhibitors,


We are excited to announce that our online exhibition will be opening on July 14th, 2023.

This virtual platform aims to provide a convenient and immersive experience for both exhibitors and buyers.


In order to maximize the opportunities for interaction and sales, we strongly encourage all exhibitors to upload sample images of products onto the online platform before the physical exhibition takes place in August. This will enable potential buyers to search for specific exhibitor items and familiarize themselves with the offerings in advance.


This pre-exhibition visibility will help generate interest and create valuable connections, ensuring a successful experience for all participants.


To upload your sample images, please follow these steps:


1.Visit our exhibition website at https://www.previewinseoul.com/fairDash.do?hl=ENG.

2.Log in to your exhibitor account using your credentials.

3.Access the "My Page" and “Show Room” section.

4.Click on the "Regist" tab.


Follow the instructions provided to submit your images.


Make sure to include relevant details, such as product descriptions, materials used, and pricing information etc.


Please note that the deadline for uploading sample images is July 12th. We highly recommend completing this process as soon as possible to maximize exposure and engagement with potential buyers.



Thank you for your participation in the upcoming Textile Exhibition. We are confident that the combination of our online platform and physical exhibition will offer unparalleled opportunities for networking, business growth, and success.


We look forward to seeing your stunning textile products showcased to a global audience.


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