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PIS 2023 Trend Forum Booth Sample Submission Guide

We would like to inform you about the upcoming deadline for the submission of samples to be displayed at our Trend Forum booth. This booth is dedicated to showcasing state-of-the-art products, and we appreciate your participation in making it a success.

Sample Sizes:
The samples to be displayed at the Trend Forum booth should adhere to the following size specifications:
-Size 1: 1m x 1m (max 5)
-Size 2: 40cm x 60cm (max 15)
Sample Quantity:
We kindly request each exhibitor to submit a total of 15 to 20 samples for display. This will ensure a diverse and visually engaging collection of products at the booth.
Submission Process:
*Label 1 (Printed Label): Please pack Label 1 along with the samples you are submitting. Label 1 should contain the following details:
-Company Name/Contact
-Sample Name
*Label 2 (Stapled Label): Please staple Label 2 on each sample. Label 2 should contain the same details mentioned above.
-Company Name/Contact
-Sample Name/Description
-Performance Code
Submission Email:
To streamline the communication process, please send Label 1 and Label 2 to the following email address:
2.Delivery Address:
Please send your samples to the following address:
(06047) 4F, 25, Nonhyeon-ro 150-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Choo-JinSung and Lee-SoYeon, team members of TRNEND IN KOREA
trendinkorea@naver.com (T. +82-2-548-6532 / 6533)
The deadline for sample submissions is Monday, July 31st.
Kindly ensure that your samples reach us by this date to guarantee their inclusion in the Trend Forum booth.
Important Notes:
- We encourage you to showcase your most innovative and trend-setting products at the Trend Forum booth to maximize your exposure to industry professionals and potential clients.
- We regret to inform you that no deadline extensions or second submissions will be allowed. Therefore, it is crucial to meet the current deadline.
- In case you have any additional requirements or questions, feel free to contact our team at pis@kofoti.or.kr.
- The submitted samples will not be returned.

Your participation and contribution to the event's success are highly valued.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

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