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[PIS 2021] PIS DIGITAL SHOW - Exhibitor Registration Opens


Exhibitor Registration Opens


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Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) will open the Preview In Seoul (PIS) online exhibition (Digital Show) at the end of July, prior to the 22nd edition of the PIS from September 1st to 3rd,, 2021 at COEX (Hall A & E) in Seoul, KOREA.


Foreign exhibitors who are not sure whether they can participate in the PIS offline exhibition due to current quarantine measures can join the PIS online exhibition “Digital Show” instead.


The PIS Digital Show functions as an online business platform, allowing buyers to search for item, send messages and schedule online meetings with exhibitors. Exhibitors can showcase their products with digital contents such as photos and video clips in their showrooms for marketing to buyers.


In addition, on-site intensive marketing will be arranged by operating an online foreign exhibitors pavilion in the PIS exhibition hall from September 1st to 3rd,. Samples and brochures of foreign exhibitors will be displayed in the pavilion, along with IT devices for item search, messaging and inquiry.


With the aim to connect exhibitors to more buyers and organize more meetings for them, the PIS Digital Show pursues joint online marketing campaigns with leading global exhibitions such as “Performance Days” in Germany and “TITAS” in Taiwan.


Deadline for online exhibition registration is June 18th, 6PM(KST). The registration fee is USD 590 for basic and USD 1,090 for advanced. Consecutive exhibitors (participated in 2019 or applied in 2020) are eligible to receive 10% discount.





Contents Upload


USD 590

- Online Showroom



USD 1,090

- Online Showroom

- Item Photos, Video Clip, 3D Virtual Lookbook

- Sample Display in Pavilion of Offline Exhibition



Only online application (www.previewinseoul.com) will be accepted. For more information, please contact : Exhibition Management Department, KOFOTI (Email) geou3@kofoti.or.kr (Tel) +82-2-528-4053

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