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[PIS 2018] Outline and Feature



Event name : Preview in Seoul 2018

Date and time : 09:30~18:00 on Sept 5(Wed) ~ 7(Fri), 2018

Venue : COEX Hall A in Samsung-dong, Seoul

Exhibit : thread, fabric, submaterials, fashion clothing, DTP, sewing machines, etc

Size : 330 companies 565 booths (domestic 192, overseas 138)

Visitor : around 11,000 (domestic 10,000, overseas 1,000)

Concurrent event : seminar, Job Fair, one-to-one meeting between participant and buyer, etc

Hosted by : Korea Federation of Textile Industries

Sponsored by : Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Seoul City, Gyeonggi Province, Daegu City, KOTRA





The newly added Premium Material Zone has expanded participation by participants of globally acclaimed exhibitions such as Premirevision and Milano Unica.

- The differentiated and advanced Premium Zone excellently emphasizes the fine quality of new material items.


(sourcing platform function strengthened) Biz-centered organization by having AI recommend best-selling items and selecting hot items through buyer trials


- Premium Focus Zone operating inside Trend Forum Zone to receive product feedback from buyers and provide participant features and trend item information.


(Fusion of ICT and textile fashion) A kiosk installed at the entrance of Trend Forum Zone and the exhibition hall to display 3D virtual clothing made of trendy colors and materials


(Joined by major companies home and abroad) Active participation by mid-sized and large companies(Kolon, Youngwon Trade, Hanil Synthetic Fiber, etc) and companies specializing in eco-friendly&functional materials(Young Textile, Shinheung, Wonchang, Lydia, Ceylon, etc) Young Textile, Shinheung, Texland & Nexco

* Joined by foreign companies including Lenzing(Austria), Everest(Taiwan), Heng Li/Show Long(China), Shima Seiki(Japan)


(More buz matching between buyer and participant) One-to-one business meetings matched based on items and fields wanted by participants and buyers. An export consultation session concurrently held with influential foreign buyers from around the world to bring more orders to Korean companies.

(Daily theme) With a different theme each day, buyers who visit booths befitting the theme of the day and prove the visit by SNS will be presented with gifts and daily trend books.


(Professional event) 'Job Fair' for easing the difficulty of employment and job creation. Professional seminars on the industry's most up-to-date issues such as eco-friendliness and sustainability

- 'Job Fair' will consist of an expert's special lecture for employment, a lecture by a textile fashion company, a talk concert with seniors, recruitment counselling sessions and the like.

- A total of 16 seminars regarding the textile fashion industry will be held, including 'Global ICT fusion smart textile product trend', 'The secret to becoming a new icon of China's fashion market contents and platform', 'Discovering and analyzing emerging consumers', '19/20 style, color, material, and general trend.'



(Extended online promotion such as SNS) Introducing the event as well as the latest item of participants through various online platforms

- Enhanced convenience for buyers with E-Directory

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