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: 관리자 : 2015-07-15


Hyosung and Huvis, renowned companies in yarn business field, participate ‘Preview in SEOUL (PIS) 2015’ as in last year. They will collaborate with their cooperative fabric companies by introducing a variety of new fabric in large-scale booth.
Also, Youngwon, one of the largest outdoor manufacturing company in the country, joins PIS and will display outdoor clothing produced with high-functional and high-sensitive fabric. Dupont Korea also participates the exhibition to introduce its own industrial fabric(aramid fiber, felt) being transformed into fashion fabric.
Middle standing enterprises that are widely credited in global market such as Youngtextile, Shin Heung, Young Poong Filltex, Ducksan Enterprise, Sungmin Enterprise and Texland&Nexco also participate this year’s PIS, adding diversity to exhibition items with newly joined companies.
108 companies from 9 different countries registered to the exhibition. Around 80 China’s chemical fiber companies including Shenghong Corporation and Hengli join the exhibition, aiming to establish a bridgehead before the effectivation of Korea-China Free Trade Agreement. In Thailand, 11 enterprises including Everest Textile participate in attempt to target domestic outdoor market. Above this, influential textile companies from Japan, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand and Singapore also join the exhibition.
As the registration has become finalized, Korea Federation of Textile Industries(KOFOTI) is making a full commitment to invite potential domestic/foreign buyers and to prepare fruitful unit events. To attract foreign buyers with purchasing power and brand name, KOFOTI directly contacted with global brand sourcing managers from US, Europe, China and Hong Kong to arrange preliminary meeting between participants and buyers in newly built ‘Business Meeting Lounge.’ For invited buyers, KOFOTI also offers tour program to domestic fiber companies and nighttime attractions in Korea.
To attract domestic buyers, KOFOTI sends online newsletter to mangers of renowned fashion and export enterprises, continuously offering a wide range of PIS news and information. Moreover, KOFOTI plans to invite experts in new technology, fabric and fashion trend to arrange demand side-centered unit events, creating a synergy effect with the exhibition.

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