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[PIS 2023] PIS 2023 Global Seminar Promotes Information Exchange in the Textile and Fashion Industry

PIS 2023 Global Seminar Promotes Information Exchange in the Textile and Fashion Industry


KOFOTI Shares Latest Market Changes and Global Fashion Trends


The Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI), under the leadership of Chairman Byung-oh Choi, held the "Preview in Seoul 2023 Global Seminar" at COEX on August 23rd and 24th.


· To facilitate this seminar, KOFOTI invited domestic and international experts in the textile and fashion industry to share more specific and specialized information on changing consumer behavior, market dynamics, circular economy, and digital transformation in the post-pandemic era.


Key players in the domestic textile and fashion industry, including Hansol Textile, SeAH Besteel, Taepyeongyang Corporation, LF Corporation, F&F, and No Brand, participated in the seminar.


· The seminar featured various sessions, including "Consumer Environment Analysis and 2024 Fashion Trends" by Lee Eun-hee, CEO of Trend In Korea, who discussed the core elements for the textile and fashion industry to evolve into a sustainable and ethical industry and the transition to the digital industry. She highlighted 2024 material and fashion trends, focusing on the main theme "Dramatic Core," which includes eco-friendly and ethical materials that have a minimal impact on ecosystems, materials for the everydayization of active leisure, art-inspired handcrafted materials, and future-oriented core materials like denim and leather.


· Frederic Bougeard, CEO of Messe Frankfurt France, drew insights from his experience organizing "Texworld Evolution Paris," the largest export platform in Europe, to share insights on changes in buyer behavior and purchasing trends and business opportunities that Korean manufacturing companies can pursue within Europe.


· Sylwia Szymczyk, a specialist from Timberland, emphasized the importance of internal collaboration within teams for a more efficient approach to 3D, AI, and digitization in the fashion industry. She also highlighted the role of external collaboration as a catalyst for joint creation and innovation.


A KOFOTI representative stated, "Through the hosting of this global seminar, we have focused on providing global information to key professionals in the domestic textile and fashion industry. We plan to continue creating opportunities for expanding exports and stimulating domestic sales for Korean companies in the future."

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