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[PIS 2021] September PIS, see it first through online exhibition

September PIS, see it first through online exhibition


- 'Digital Show' opens on the 23rd of July. Check 'Preview In SEOUL' first as a non-face-to-face exhibition -


The Korea Federation of Textile Industries (hereafter KOFOTI, Chairman Lee Sang-woon) announced that it would hold the online exhibition 'PIS Digital Show' on the 23rd of July to enhance the pre-marketing of the 'Preview In SEOUL(PIS) 2021' event, which will open on the 1st of September, and to maximize the consultation results.


The PIS Digital Show, which can be viewed through the PIS website, is a digital content version of PIS 2021, where you can see eco-friendly and sustainable materials at a glance.


The online exhibition menu is divided mainly into showrooms by exhibitors product (photos, videos, 3D virtual clothing) viewing 3D lookbook my interest products/company view, etc. Above all, the focus was placed on enhancing the convenience of buyers.


The digital show is prepared with high-definition photos and videos to provide the effect of fully experiencing the physical properties and functionality of textile products, even non-face-to-face. The show is an opportunity to meet more than 1,300 various products from yarn, knit, woven, subsidiary materials, and finished products.


3D lookbook attracts attention as digital content that overseas buyers have increasingly requested to introduce. By realizing the detailed texture and color of the fabric as virtual clothing, it is expected to increase the efficiency of consultation in that it can speed up the buyer's decision-making process without the production of separate sample clothing.


Along with the online exhibition opening, online/offline hybrid order consultation using digital contents of exhibitors are expected to begin in earnest. Buyers who plan to visit the offline exhibition hall can check product information online in advance and request meeting for an on-site consultation. Also, for those who are difficult to visit in person, such as overseas buyers, online inquiry about the product or application for an video consultation is available.


In addition, the digital show supports face-to-face marketing of exhibitors by collaborating with overseas marketing agents as the local agent can show the product directly and conduct a proxy consultation if a foreign buyer requests a consultation after visiting the online exhibition.


At the same time, the KOFOTI exhibition secretariat will hold a series of events called 'PIS is back' to commemorate the return of the PIS exhibition, which was canceled last year due to the COVID-19, for the first time in two years.


The first 'PIS is back' will give coffee coupons through a lottery when visitors who visited the previous exhibition in 2019 visit this online exhibition and authenticate with their Instagram accounts. The second 'PIS is back' is an event that presents mini bags and shoulder bags made of eco-friendly materials to buyers who have conducted substantial consultations with participating companies through online exhibitions.


In addition, the 'PIS is 100' event (the winner will be announced on September 24) will be held, which presents eco-friendly sleeping bags and book pads to 100 buyers who have visited both the online and offline exhibitions. Various promotional events for general visitors are also to be prepared.


Meanwhile, the online 'PIS Digital Show' will run from July 23rd to the end of December. The offline exhibition will be held from September 1st to 3rd at COEX Halls A and E.


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