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[PIS 2021] Transformation of Outdoor Clothing From ‘Fashion Terrorist Items’ for the Middle Aged and the Elderly to‘Hipster Office Wear’for MZ Generation!

Transformation of Outdoor Clothing From ‘Fashion Terrorist Items’ for the Middle Aged and the Elderly to‘Hipster Office Wear’for MZ Generation!


- PIS2021 Introduces materials for comfortable outdoor clothing -



Outdoor clothing including climbing wear, once called items for middle aged‘fashion terrorists’is now transforming into hipster fashion for MZ generation, as a growing number of younger generation began to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, golf or fishing in the midst of a protracted pandemic.


 ㅇ Now, comfortable outdoor clothing is getting attention, serving both as office wear and outdoor sports wear. With the trend, materials manufacturers developed and introduced items for outdoor clothing with much improved comfortable functionalities and style.


At the exhibition of ‘Preview in Seoul 2021’ hosted by Korea Federation of Textile Industries (Chairman Lee Sang-woon), companies specialized at outdoor materials are poised to introduce various new products along with key products, reflecting this trend in the market.


‘Onechang Material Co.,Ltd’ producing outdoor woven textile will introduce ‘Cotton-like’ materials, using Nylon DTY, ATY under a new workwear concept. Mostly used for formal casual wear, the material is practical, being suitable both for office and leisure activities with extra strong property.


  - It is possible to develop materials catered to the demand for glamourous and bright-colored garment,  reflecting  the wish for an end to the pandemic and expectation on recovery of consumer sentiment by applying the trendy tie-dyed or floral print patters.


 ㅇ ‘EVOTRO’ introduced by ‘Shin Han Ind. Co., Ltd.’is a film collection with much improved breathable waterproof function and more stable and evolutionary permeability than the existing membrane.


  - It will also introduce high multi yarm with robust physical stretch without spandex and super soft touch, added   with superb color fastness. These materials can provide much more comfortable wearing and sophistication while offering satisfying functionalities.


‘Woojoo Global’ specialized at functional knitted fabric will develop and introduce new materials suitable both for casual camping wear and workwear, instead of conventional outdoor clothing.


  - It stretches comfortably, using latent crimped yarn and eco-friendly options are available, using recycled materials. It has been developed for T-shirts, rash guard and pants, focusing on essential functionalities and comfortable wearing.


  ㅇ‘SUNG SHIN R AND A CO.,LTD.’ introduces long pile knitted fabric, gaining popularity for winter wear and overall sports wear. Light, warm and also very stretchy fleece is one of them.


  - Fleece is gaining popularity as the material helps you stay warm while being very fashionable and casual. It is also gaining attention as a sustainable material, to replace animal hair like mink or wool. The fabric is being introduced in diverse quality from eco-friendly premium product, using recycled yarn to lower-end product with excellent value-for-money.


‘SONG I TEXTILE’ having specialty at producing union cloth of cotton with spandex and jacquard is preparing products in diverse weight and materials, from functional outdoor products to fabrics for comfortable women’s wear.


  - Other popular items include the product made with yarn dyed nylon applied with check pattern and diverse colors to be used as inner materials as well as for outer wear and P/N spandex products showing stable fastness and shape with the use of dope-dyed nylon textured yarn.


As outdoor clothing materials are transforming into comfortable casual style, they offer well-proven sustainable options including recycled and biodegradable fabrics and eco-friendly process, catered to global demand for substantiality.


 ㅇ You can meet diverse outdoor clothing materials, having versatile functionalities, textures and substantiality at ‘Preview in Seoul 2021’ to be held at COEX Seoul for 3 days from September 1 to September 3 this year. Online exhibition, DIGITAL SHOW is scheduled to be open in July(previewinseoul.com).


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